Monday, 14 May 2012

In one of my older blogs i wrote about getting a pair of boots well I  finally got them my DM's (Doc Martens ) they came last week ordered them from Office I was well happy my Brother and Mum hate it lol so funny. Anyway wore them like the next day it was a bit tight but I guess thats normal for a new pair of boots but like later on in the day they were fine quite comfiortable actually love them ! thinking about getting another  pair maybe in purple this time mmmhhhmmmm smiles all round.

Amber baby :)

The lovely Amber Rose , the ex to Kanye West the rapper and now she is dating Wiz Khalifa another well known  rapper who I believe she is currently engaged to. Amber is a Model/Actor/Video vixen/ Fashion muse there is nothing that this woman doesn't do ..I'm not a lesbian or anything but damn! she is hot! I am such a fan lol aka Rosebud ( that is what she calls her followers) love her style  and everything  would love to meet her one day hopefully real soon.

Love you Amber you rock! :)