Thursday, 11 October 2012

Bentonite Clay Treatment etc

Roughly about 2 or maybe even 3 months ago whilst searching the net for natural hair maintenance tips and products i stumbled upon some lady called Alikay and her YouTube videos the information that she provided  was really useful and helpful. By then i was researching for a natural chelating product and she mentioned that she uses  bentonite clay  it deep cleanses and removes  hair impurities and product build up . I decided to start using it once a month specifically every end of the month  and it does thoroughly clean my hair after the treatment my hair feels squeaky clean . What i do is i add 2 Tablespoons  of the bentonite clay to a bowl and 1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil i mix it well together  add a bit of water  apply it to my hair  and then i leave it on for about 30 minutes . Rinse out wash with conditioner once then the 2nd  application i apply the conditioner and then i cover my hair with a shower cap and then leave it for 15 minutes then i rinse moisturize and style as per usual i order the clay from this site

I did the infamous black tea rinse that i read about on theUrbanBushBabe blog apparently it stops hair breakage so i thought i should give it a  go i washed my hair as normal. And then when it came to applying conditioner i did so as per usual and then poured the black tea over my hair massaged it in and covered with a shower cap.After about 15 minutes i rinsed what can i say.... well my hair did feel soft after that and when i styled not so much fell out . But still my hair sheds quite a lot i don't know if this is  normal? Anyway it doesn't really have a smell i like to do it once a month because i also do a lavender rinse  and frankly that smells better to me . On the blog too they recommended using the Lipton's Pearl Black Tea but  unfortunately they don't sell it here in the UK and it is even harder to find a company that ships it to the UK not even the Lipton's company provide that service can you believe!!! So i just bought a Turkish brand black tea from my local store  poured 3/4 of boiling water to a cup then i added about 3 or 4 teaspoons of the black tea  mixed it covered it then put in my fridge . I left it overnight the day before wash day so that it can be a stronger brew even though i don't think that makes any difference anyways will keep you all updated on my progress.