Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Congos electory crises

The beautiful Congo  well its far from that at the moment it is roughly worth £23 billion  that amount of money can probably pay for the whole of Europe debt plus it has one of the biggest rainforests in the world too.
Endless array of unique animals beautiful talented Men and Women fantastic dancers extraordinary musicians ,scholars i could go on and on . That devil! Kabila was re-elected his people aka France,America,Rwanda ,Belgium supported him even though ithe truth is his people rigged the elections. They were actually claiming that 100% of North Congo  voted for this dickhead! really? COME ON!! when it was actually Tsekedi who won and he would have made change being a native of the country  I'm angry outraged because yes his a dickhead! no an ASSHOLE!  that Joseph Kabila.

I have family over there and its especially not safe for women being killed and raped everyday the abortion rate has also risen ,millions and millions of people are dying since the elections it has just got worse. His been in power for 10 years predesscor of his Father Desree Kabila Josephs dont know if  i spelt that right but i dont really care anyway he was Josephs Father  who also ruled for 10 years i have yet to see what he has done for Congo . Im outraged he doesnt even come from Congo his from the neighbouring country of Rwanda . it must be obvious that i am a Congolese native formally known as The Democratic Republic of Congo really a democratic what is democracy? located in central Africa it was once known as Zaire. People dying but for what? greed! i wish that i was president  of Congo seriously i would have a long list on how to improve on my Country and the quality of life for the people . Even if i did want to become president i would have to study politics or something along those lines anyway and its just not my thing so that idea is out the window but i pray for a miracle. Congolose Londoners did march from Trafalgar square to the Congolese embassy today which went well but it still does not change anything as Kabila is still president! but its just to show the power of people when they are united i think although in vain i commiserate my fellow brothers and sisters who marched for their country. There needs to be a revolution! this pain and suffering and bloodshed must come to an END im proud I AM A CONGOLESE WOMAN this is only the begining of the chapter i compare Congo to Israel the many years of slavery and bondage then came Moses most high Gods messenger who saved and freed his people from captivity thats what we need Gods intervention send us someone to lead our Congo out of poverty and depression we have been through so much in history from the times of Leopald another prick! and Mobutu we just need to be saved! Peace and Love.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Barry M nail polish

I Love! Love! Love!  Barry M nail polish its great quality but for half the price of other polish brands like nails inc and OPI lacquer great buy for ladies that are on a budget but still want the quality comes in all colours and shades of the rainbow spectrum. I am currently in the process of building up my collection i just dont think i have enough i have more yet to buy !

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Low batty

For all those that are not familiar with the term 'Low Batty' its a Jamaican term it means trousers worn beneath the bum  or a little (few inches higher not much of a significant difference )  leaving their boxers and sometimes more I see it all the time where I live

 fair enough you dont want to wear your jeans /trousers as high as Simon Cowell but come on its not cool especially when the guy has a big bum! oh my fellas *Sigh what do you think your doing once you  reach a certain age its best to drop old dirty habits  especially that one.

If I were a boy.......

Like my girl beyonce sings ' i think i could understand' ok thats enough every girl knows that when your with your man you reach into his wardrobe and grab a jumper or joggers epitamy of comfort. But obviously you can't be seen around town  with that a few high street brands like Topshop sell boyfriend blazers but its time to sharpen it up ladies with a fitted pant suit


they all look impecable but have personalised it with their individual flares the white looks fresh Rihanna is my favourite with the open shirt tucked into her trousers sexy but simple with her bright red hair good look RiRi  but if you can't wear white black is another popular and quite a common colour for suits .or team up a cropped blazer with denim shorts and a manly satchel the ways to dress for this trend is endless i think the key accessories are brogues,blazer,bowler hats,manly satchels,pant suits ,oversized jumpers,oxford shirts,chinos.

Other celebirites I think that rock this  trend well ;

                                      The Gorge! Alexis Chung      

  The cute Miss Fearne Cotton

Loving this trend as it suits every shapes and size theres no boundaries to it
either, go crazy with it ladies. 

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Fashion : Doc Martens

Doctor Martens have now become a must have for all fashion lovers out there originated from Germany a World War II doctor who goes by the name of  Klaus Martens, he found his army boots to be uncomfortable so he lined them with soft leather and air padded soles well they are known for their comfort it was all the rage! in the 90's becoming a staple accessory in British Fashion it is making a comeback comes in assortment of colours and prints

but it does kind of bother me that when someone mentioned
Doc Martens it reminded me of skinheads and i once thought
that they were one of the ugliest shoes/boots i have ever seen
but they are uber cool! well anyway after seeing pictures of celebs
wearing them and looking on other fashionista blogs i have been converted
and i cant wait to get my first pair they even have them in heels which i think are
cute !

To be continued........