Tuesday, 29 November 2011

If I were a boy.......

Like my girl beyonce sings ' i think i could understand' ok thats enough every girl knows that when your with your man you reach into his wardrobe and grab a jumper or joggers epitamy of comfort. But obviously you can't be seen around town  with that a few high street brands like Topshop sell boyfriend blazers but its time to sharpen it up ladies with a fitted pant suit


they all look impecable but have personalised it with their individual flares the white looks fresh Rihanna is my favourite with the open shirt tucked into her trousers sexy but simple with her bright red hair good look RiRi  but if you can't wear white black is another popular and quite a common colour for suits .or team up a cropped blazer with denim shorts and a manly satchel the ways to dress for this trend is endless i think the key accessories are brogues,blazer,bowler hats,manly satchels,pant suits ,oversized jumpers,oxford shirts,chinos.

Other celebirites I think that rock this  trend well ;

                                      The Gorge! Alexis Chung      

  The cute Miss Fearne Cotton

Loving this trend as it suits every shapes and size theres no boundaries to it
either, go crazy with it ladies. 

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