Saturday, 26 November 2011

Fashion : Doc Martens

Doctor Martens have now become a must have for all fashion lovers out there originated from Germany a World War II doctor who goes by the name of  Klaus Martens, he found his army boots to be uncomfortable so he lined them with soft leather and air padded soles well they are known for their comfort it was all the rage! in the 90's becoming a staple accessory in British Fashion it is making a comeback comes in assortment of colours and prints

but it does kind of bother me that when someone mentioned
Doc Martens it reminded me of skinheads and i once thought
that they were one of the ugliest shoes/boots i have ever seen
but they are uber cool! well anyway after seeing pictures of celebs
wearing them and looking on other fashionista blogs i have been converted
and i cant wait to get my first pair they even have them in heels which i think are
cute !

To be continued........

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