Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Victoria & Albert museum

If your about town you must visit the  Victoria & Albert museum its well cool has all sorts of art in there and if   your a fashion freak like me there is a bit in the museum where there is a gallery of fashion when it started and how it has evolved through the centuries beautiful dresses and pieces had to take a few pictures

 This dress in particular was by Christian Dior  was created around the 1930's/40's during that time the world war had just ended and people were rationing cloths, fabrics like they did the food. But Christian Dior introduced the 'new look'  bringing back glamour for the women of that decade. Expensive fabric was used to create this beautiful dress like silk for example i can imagine at that time the price it was going for.

 This dress was from the 1960's/70's very elegant this was my favourite dress from that particular display

Love this dress!

Love the high waisted bottoms not too sure about the bikini top though lol 1920's/30's swimwear,beachwear

Anybody know about Surrealism? this dress was made and designed by Schiaperreli i hope i spelt that right
whom was heavily influenced by that type of art and always incorporated that in the  designs  have you figured out  the print ?...well neither have i.

Thursday, 21 February 2013


Picked up a copy of the Vogue trend book in Kurt Geiger like 2 weeks ago

This is an essential guide i believe, i mean its Vogue! this Spring/Summer is going to be fun

White- I don't think white is my colour really but i will give it a shot for this summer its always good to try something new. White is one of those colours that is  hard to pull off  you leave your house wearing white but you come back home and its turned into cream.
Floral- I love flowers this one is a hit for me lol its girly, pretty  floral prints, accessories, tea dresses, maxi dresses .
Shining- sequins , metallic gold, bronze, silver its all about metal almost futuristic. Shiny material that when light reflects on it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Suits- Topshop and Zara make brilliant suits for Women the suit
has to be sharp clean cuts, power suits but in all shades of the colour
palette. Cropped blazers are especially quite popular teamed with 
cigarette trousers or ankle grazers which i'm loving. A few cigarette 
trousers , Mens shirts (particularly slim line) and a cropped blazer 
are on my Summer wish list. You can go for the more masculine look
or if you prefer keep it feminine as long as top and bottoms match 
the same colour.
Splits- Side split, Back split, double splits  its all about being sexy and 
showing skin midi skirts, dresses, maxi skirts and maxi dresses. Its time 
to bring out the pins this trend is definetly bringing sexy back! lol
Japonism- East meets West more like West meets East oriental flavour 
kimonos, obi belts and all that picture a modern Geisha  not the easiest 
look to pull off i personally think

Black- I love black goes with everything suits every
shape and sizes. But this one leaves a question mark
as i don't think it should be considered as a Summer
colour as everyone knows black absorbs heat lol.
Chequers- This trend is heavily influenced by the 1960's black and white being the most popular combo.

Slouch- I love wearing my brothers jumpers i think i look uber cool in them lol baggy jumpers casual loose trousers ,pyjama pants  keep accessories minimal to pull off this casual look.
Lines- Vertical, Horizontal there is a pair of black and white striped leggings from River Island  that i must get. If your brave! rock the lines look top and bottom if you dare personally too much lines makes my eyes go all blurry.

 Frills- This trend speaks for itself.... i like.
Plastic- Plastic was commonly left for the bedroom (freak mode) but now it is on the runway mmmmm coloured plastic, clear plastic looks quite uncomfortable to me lol not for me well in public anyway.

Friday, 15 February 2013

New shoes!!!

My new edition to my collection i bought these from Topshop for £65  for my birthday!! they are not quite comfortable at the moment but  being real leather i expect them to stretch i absolutely love the white block heel .

Finally got my Kurt Geiger Vero boots so excited can't wait to wear them. Got them for half the price original price was £150 !! Good investment.

Friday, 1 February 2013

New hair !

Its summer time and maintaining long hair can be a tedious task so i have a short hairstyle the bob! with a fringe i love it Peruvian hair once again this time 3 bundles cost me £75 good look :)

Fringes are so in but i prefer mines going past my brows rather than the shorter style that i am seeing in magazines and plus it allows me and gives me time to grow them out.

Just had my hair done like the other day well happy :D love it so many compliments can't lie I'm loving the attention. Although pricey £150 !!!! For the hair I know right quite a lot but then again it is Peruvian hair.