Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Victoria & Albert museum

If your about town you must visit the  Victoria & Albert museum its well cool has all sorts of art in there and if   your a fashion freak like me there is a bit in the museum where there is a gallery of fashion when it started and how it has evolved through the centuries beautiful dresses and pieces had to take a few pictures

 This dress in particular was by Christian Dior  was created around the 1930's/40's during that time the world war had just ended and people were rationing cloths, fabrics like they did the food. But Christian Dior introduced the 'new look'  bringing back glamour for the women of that decade. Expensive fabric was used to create this beautiful dress like silk for example i can imagine at that time the price it was going for.

 This dress was from the 1960's/70's very elegant this was my favourite dress from that particular display

Love this dress!

Love the high waisted bottoms not too sure about the bikini top though lol 1920's/30's swimwear,beachwear

Anybody know about Surrealism? this dress was made and designed by Schiaperreli i hope i spelt that right
whom was heavily influenced by that type of art and always incorporated that in the  designs  have you figured out  the print ?...well neither have i.

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