Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hair journey

I went natural in about August of last year (can't believe I have to type last year now lol ) and I sward that I will not be going back to chemically treated hair *sigh* I totally gave up and relaxed my hair in September a colleague of mine actually said to me that I was a natural hair ambassador lol bless her. I just couldn't do it anymore I missed being able to tie up my hair . Missed the hairstyle choices all that I missed irony it ended up not relaxing properly anyway only the roots got straightened my hair was to thick! So I have put my hair in braids to stretch it a little and now I'm looking to relax and trim it again come march . I just get bored so quickly the only thing that I will not do is to colour my hair anyway will keep an update on all of my hairs endeavours.

New Year 2013

Finally 2013 is here! Last year just went by that I can't even remember half of the things that happened. I thank God with all the mistakes I had made in 2012 my eyes are more open and I don't intend to make those same mistakes again! I wrote in my last post that I was flying to the USA *sigh* due to unforeseen circumstances it did not happen . *Sad-face* so the years celebrations was once again in London Town. It started off a disaster going to 3 different house parties that were all epic failures . But then funny enough that the last party we went to rocked ! It made my night so it was a happy ending didn't want to drink this time wanted to remember all that happened. And I have real good memories I did the countdown in church which was awesome but it was humorous that the majority of the young people there were going to go clubbing and do all sorts of obscenities and sins after . Well I know I'm not perfect but at least I didn't drink lol .I pray for Gods favour I know I am blessed already but I need the extra support. This year i am going to stay focused I have so many plans and ideas my goals will be reached going to be 100 all the time impossible no! Challenging yes! But i am ready 2013! Bring it on !!! :p