Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hair journey

I went natural in about August of last year (can't believe I have to type last year now lol ) and I sward that I will not be going back to chemically treated hair *sigh* I totally gave up and relaxed my hair in September a colleague of mine actually said to me that I was a natural hair ambassador lol bless her. I just couldn't do it anymore I missed being able to tie up my hair . Missed the hairstyle choices all that I missed irony it ended up not relaxing properly anyway only the roots got straightened my hair was to thick! So I have put my hair in braids to stretch it a little and now I'm looking to relax and trim it again come march . I just get bored so quickly the only thing that I will not do is to colour my hair anyway will keep an update on all of my hairs endeavours.

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