Monday, 6 February 2012

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Black  Girl

black girl what do you see when you look in the mirror do you see the true beauty within you
or the beauty that the western world potray
plucked from the Mother land of course you are lost to your original ways
forced to abide by their rules and do as they say
belittle the women and use them as sex slaves
what can i say...we are brainwashed to our societies definition of beauty
our hair  is supposed to be long and straight our noses sharp cheekbones high
and ever so skinny waist
we load our skins with chemicals and artificial nonsense once your mask is removed
you dont recognise yourself in the mirror how little do you think of yourself
to ink every inch of your black skin and call it art!
we use chemicals to brighten and lighten our skin what happened to those days when black was beautiful
we speak in their tongue and conform to their ways and when someone calls you a sell out you feel ashamed
indeed their is so much we have yet to learn as a people but that doesnt mean dissolve into their puddle
we layer our hair with false hair not allowing our natural hair to breath then use the excuse my hair  is too damaged to leave out
we wear false nails and damage the nails underneath then say it doesnt grow so im not bothered
all in the name of beauty i guess but it is  sad to see my black sistas forget their true selfs
what will we teach our children its fine to lose your identity as long as you are accepted in their community!


True epitamy of beauty
Tall dark and handsome my black king
your lips so full and lush ,smooth as a babys bottom
You give me an epidemic you at times cause me great pain
but my body still yurns for more of you each and everyday
your my Ying and I your Yang put two and two together
its true what they say opposites attract because i know we belong together

Oh Lord cant you help me
frustrated sick and tired why
can people in this world be so ignorant
and stupid and foolish but with the knowledge i have
they can never beat me! let them know i will not fear something
so insignificant knowing that it is not they who have blessed me with the girft of life!

See the way you love basketball thats they way i love you
dont assume that i have fallen in love with you because
thats not true you are soon to go away believe that i will miss you
and that i do cherish you the moments we once had of bliss
May God bless you in everything you do!because im truely not
gonna forget about you coming from the heart


i was  once all over you seems like long ago but now i am free now i dont really care who you are with i am at peace with myself and have learnt to put myself and my needs firsti am my main priority well after God of course so i Thank you although you may never know what you have done though once liking you had made me better myself and become the woman i am today!


Here in lay in bed wondering if you ever think of me wishing you was here holding me
in your arms i know i would be safe caressing me and smothering me with your love
you are special to me so sad that you dont know it i wouldnt quite say that i love you
but i know this that my feelings for you are strong and real tears come to my eyes not
knowing if you feel the same is disappointing  my family and friends say your bad for
me but i dont feel that way my heart will not let me forget you i wish i didnt feel this way
for you because you give me no attention whatsoever i feel so lame writing this you may
never read this listening to slow jams makes me think of you im such an emotional creature
i cry for you i dont know i never thought the first guy that i have a crush on everything will
turn out like this i had well i like to think so although we are two different people of two
different worlds i still always hold hope that we have a  chance but really that is not going
to happen.

To sweet 4 words

you are the most sweetest thing that has ever happened to me from the first day
i heard your voice it was like heaven to me thinking of you is all i can do
evfen though words cant explain the way i feel for you are an angel from heaven
sent to me in a dream you fill my heasrt with happiness

Why do i feel like this so so glum this day probably has passed before
feels like de-ja-vu wheres my knight in shining armour to same me from
this state im lost with no where to go no one to love or for me to love
back i want to share this love with another who is worthy not a person
whos going to abuse me  hut until that day comes i will sit and stay hush
nobody or nothing can push me because i am in no rush heres a moral
for boys and girls alike wait for your time will come ladies your royalty
honour yourself and wait for the one who will treat you like a queen
that you truely are.

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