Friday, 28 December 2012

I was just sitting here watching the Da vinci Code with my Mum and Sister and i don't know why but i thought about my blog and how i don't show it no love but honestly i have fuck! all to write about. Nothing interesting has happened in my life to date broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years got rid of that baggage thank God! . But still i slyly miss him AAAAAHHHHHH! Anyway new year is literally round the corner Christmas was like the other day was not really in the celebration mood as i worked Christmas eve to Boxing day. But boy did i eat! i eat so much on Xmas day (2 plates full) that when i got into work i couldn't move or breath! LOL. Anyway i have been asking friends and family about there new year resolutions and i failed to think about what i want to change and do differently in 2013........Well simple i don't want to do what i did in 2012 in 2013 closing certain chapters and working and hustling that little bit harder i want to be at 100 in everything i do. Had a gap year so going back to uni next year not looking forward to the late nights  and early mornings but looking forward to the challenge that the course brings  I study Creative writing and English Literature. Was thinking about not going back as well but....i am not a quitter i am a go getter and i am not going to give up!  All this kind of sounds negative don't it ? well i'm not a sad case but 2013 needs to bring a little more excitement lol as i write i'm leaving for New York the next day with my family its been a bit hectic trying to sort out the visas and that but i am well excited. I have spent my new years in London ever since i can remember so this is different and i cant wait! ;) to be continued.......

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