Friday, 26 April 2013

Jelly shoes

Summer is round the corner and I personally don't like showing my feet (well the sides of my feet anyway ) I am very particular with the foot wear I choose to buy. I purchased the JuJu aka jelly sandals from Topshop the other day at £24 they are reasonably priced . They are so cute ! Reminds me of my childhood back when i was 12 I had the silver glitter versions instead .Comes in a variety of colours royal blue, hot pink and silver glitter . Quite comfortable they are quite big so if you want them fitted I would suggest you go a size down. But I personally don't mind the extra space it will come in handy especially on the more hotter days . If you have sweaty feet I wouldn't advice you to get a pair they are plastic ! After all can't wait to wear mines out!

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